Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Friendly Thank You !

How long did it take me to tear down my little Kubota and order replacement parts today ?

Not long at all due to my ace in the hole shown below ! Many thanks and much appreciation to my friends Tim and Brita; they have no idea how much money, time and effort the manual they copied and sent down here have saved me !


SmartAlex said...

Ahhhh... the internet and the powers of Social Networking!!!

P.S. Tim said "He must be pretty handy. I wouldn't try tearing down one of my tractors!"

Thank Heaven. We'd end up with all kinds of "improvements"

Jason said...

Nope, not really ! But when you run old equipment like I do, necessity demands that you get pretty good at fixing it ! And tell Tim that tearing it down is the EASY part ! :)

SmartAlex said...

You don't have any leftover pieces do you?

As the saying goes at our house... "Time to consult Roger."

Every tractor should be fixable with a hammer, a screwdriver, some baling wire and an old bayer aspirin bottle.