Thursday, May 19, 2011

Building progress and Farming Impatience

As those of you who follow us on the Paradigm Farms blog already know, as of this morning my hay barn is complete. Since an empty hay barn is a blasphemy to God, me, and all other good farmers, the next goal on my agenda is to fill it up and I'm going to start working at doing that tomorrow morning ! In truth, I STILL don't really have enough room under roof to make much more than a dent in storing a winter's worth of hay but as Melissa reminded me, some hay barn is far better than NO hay barn at all. So if we live through Saturday's pending apocolypse, some day next January when it's 35 degrees and pouring rain with a stiff northwest wind I will be forever grateful that I'm not out in it attempting to manhandle a 50 foot tarp, including associated weights, ropes and tires, in order to get at the hay underneath.

In terms of farm work, frankly I've been swamped this spring. Between all the rain and various necessary building (and repair) projects, I am behind on getting our pastures sprayed and in shape. However, with only 290 acres to go over, the good part is that a few sunny days will put things right pretty quickly. If all goes well this should happen just in time for the first round of pasture clipping to commence at or before the end of the month.

Like Melissa mentioned in her post, our seemingly never ending construction projects add a whole new dimension of busy into our lives and I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to being done constructing for awhile. The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise this ought to happen later in the summer.

Next item on tap....or rather what is standing between me and some sort of a sane schedule right now..... is perimeter fencing the remainder of the farm, followed by interior fencing, run-in sheds, barn, driveway, hydro, water lines, and a whole buncha gravel !


Anonymous said...

I get tired just reading about everything you're doing . . .

SmartAlex said...

Swamped? I'll show you swamped... It's official, the numbers are in. Wettest Spring on record in Buffalo. Records have been shattered. 4 Weeks to go.

Jason said...


1. You forgot to add, "Ugh" and/or a cuss word.

2. I wonder what Tom Joll's weather word would be ???

3. Instead of wine, maybe I ought to send up an oar so you've got something with which to steer the ark !

4. But it isn't going to matter because we're all gonna die on Saturday anyway ! :)