Monday, May 23, 2011


As I've mentioned before, both Melissa and I suffer at times from our Type A, "Let's Git-r-Done right now by God" task focused personalities, and lately it seems like the days are never long enough to get done what we set out to accomplish that morning no matter how early we start or how late we choose to finish.

My dad was like this his whole life long and I am too.

Experience has taught me that when frustrations with details and timelines start to mount, it's a good idea to ease off for a little while and re-focus on the big picture. This seldom fails to put a smile on my face and when I finally remembered to practice what I preach, today was no exception. I learned this from my grandad.

The difference between my grandfather and my father was that dad would have added fourteen more tasks to the list and then worked from 2 am till midnight 7 days a week in a futile attempt to make a dent in it. Most of the time, gramps would work steadily all day and then shrug his shoulders and head for the house, believing (correctly, I think), that whatever didn't get done today would still be waiting for him tomorrow. He lived till he was 94 and I think there is a lesson in that.

In their way, both dad and grandpa were sucessful men and I've learned a lot about how to live life (and how not to) from both of them. Although by nature I'm more inclined toward being like dad than grandpa, I'm a lot more content with things (and a lot more pleasant to be around) when I make the effort to do as my grandad would've.

No, I didn't get the big Sycamore that fell in a windstorm cut up completely today as I had intended. Thanks to the showers and the wind, I didn't get much spraying done either and believe me when I say it's high on my list of stuff to do. But in the end, so what ? I worked steadily and hard at a variety of tasks from early this morning till supper time, and then I came in the house. The horses are healthy and tended to and the pastures look pretty good in spite of my efforts. And with that, I'm going to bed ! :)

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SmartAlex said...

The work is never done. Last week I started a list of things that needed to be done over the weekend. After working all day Saturday, the list had, in fact, doubled. But, by Sunday evening all but two things were marked off.