Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Waltz Me to Heaven Tonight

A little while ago Melissa and I did a series of posts entitled "7 things about me" on our horse blog, I forgot to mention in my post that in addition to being a square dancing fool while I was in college, I also really enjoyed round (ballroom) dancing and after a lot of practice I became good at waltzes, polkas, the foxtrot and (every country boy's favourite) the two step.

I wish I could say that I learned to ballroom dance solely to become a more polished young gentleman, but unfortunately becoming a gentleman had precious little to do with learning to dance. Average looking males in their late teens do a lot of things to differentiate themselves from the crowd in an attempt to attract the right sort of attention from girls, and honestly, most males suck at doing so in ways that produce results. I was (just barely) smart enough to realize this and I found through experience that the sort of girls I wanted to date got pretty starry eyed when I told them I was thinking about learning to ballroom dance. As it turned out they got even more starry eyed (!!) when I actually COULD ballroom dance, so it sure worked out well for me on multiple fronts for a number of years !

I haven't had much practice dancing lately but I think it's time I got back in shape. Among other reasons, it'll be harder for the beauty down the hall to see the laundry on the floor and the junk on the kitchen table when she's all googly eyed over her handsome dancer ! It's been my experience that a little romance makes up for a lot of dirty dishes. And maybe, finally, at this stage of my life, I'm ready to admit that a little gentlemanly behaviour wouldn't be remiss on my part, either !


bruce said...

Its like riding a bike. A few of my friends wives have taken me out onto the dance floor cause my wife is not so inclined and you quickly remember how much of a workout it is. I almost get as big of a sweat on as you!

Jason said...

LOL @ you !

You're right about it being a workout. Anybody who doesn't think so just needs to get out there and try for a couple hours and see what they look and feel like afterward !