Friday, February 18, 2011

First Daffodils and Spring's Work

I've been fooling with spring's work for a little while but today I started sowing KY 31 in earnest, harrowing it in and incorporating a winter's worth of manure at the same time. It was 72 and very humid today so I was in a hurry to get over the worst of the bare spots ahead of tonight's predicted rain. Dark beat me and I didn't finish but I only have a few hours left and because I always start at the back of the farm and work toward the house, I won't be inclined to put it off. Once the sowing is done I will have about fifty acres of harrowing to complete on this farm and a similar acreage on the new place.

Although we almost certainly are NOT completely done with cold weather yet, we've enjoyed a beautful warm week of weather and we have another one on tap, although it will be more in it's season with highs in the upper 50's and low 60's.

One of the biggest differences between here and Ontario is the incredible amount of heat it takes to get anything to bloom down here. I thought for sure the daffs would have been out early this week but it was today before I saw any blooms. Of the six years I have watched this patch bloom time is slightly later than average this year. Oh well. Still never fails to put a smile on my face ! Enjoy the photo below and have a great weekend !

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Funder said...

I can't even remember what 72 and humid feels like. We're absolutely buried in snow. Love the daffodil pic!!

Haha, my wv is "grain."