Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Not ALL work around here....

I'm usually pretty verbose in this blog but it's feelin' like a picture kind of day ! Some times in spite of ourselves, we manage to have a lot of fun ! Hope you enjoy.

Me and Lunar Vehicle, Marshall Space Center, Huntsville, Alabama

Here's a first... vaccuming with the new Dyson Animal.

Melissa pretending to be a Newfoundland cod fisherman !

Melissa and I with our friends Erica and Chris at the Jack Daniels Distillery, Lynchburg, TN

Me and Jo

Melissa is an "all weather" kind of girl.

Melissa waiting patiently in the truck with our travelling mascot Louie the turtle on the dashboard in front of her.

Melissa and I on Clingman's Dome, highest point in Tennessee.

Melissa "chainsawing" with her battery operated saw.

I should have left the door closed. Apparantly I was shocked and displeased with the result.

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Funder said...

Beautiful pics!

Man, I still miss my Dyson. We got 95% through vacuuming out the apartment when we left and the Dyson made a very strange sound and stopped working. I really wanted to get it fixed, but this place does have a built-in house vacuum and I got used to using it. Finally took the Dyson in and had it recycled a couple months ago. RIP little yellow buddy...