Thursday, December 23, 2010

When I think about Christmas...

When I think about Christmas, I think about the sort of unconditional love and laughter that the very best marriages bring with them.

I think about family and friends who are genuinely happy to be together, even if they saw one another yesterday, and who enjoy one another's company each and every day.

I think about feasting and parties and naps in easy chairs and presents.....yes, presents.....the more with my name on them under the tree, the better (!).

I think about excited little ones and snow and frosty air that lends itself to Christmas stories from grandparents and Santa's visit early on Christmas morning.

I think about little white country churches in the snow and Christmas pudding and happy people singing Christmas songs at the top of their voices and joy and giving and goodwill towards men.

I think about country farm houses with candles in the windows and wreaths and sleigh rides and cook stoves and the smell of wet wool mitts and hats with ear flaps and skating under the stars.

I think about what a blessing of a life I've lived to have experienced every one of the good things I mentioned about Christmas.

Whatever your traditions and wherever Christmas finds you, all the best and Merry Christmas from us to you.


Jack said...

Merry Christmas Jason

Jason said...

Merry Christmas Jack ! I'm glad we are back in touch again !

Kate said...

The very best Christmas to you and your family!