Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happiness is....

A lot of folks get the weary dismals this time of year, so I thought I'd start a list of things that make me happy about winter.

1. A steaming hot cup of coffee and some good conversation around the kitchen table after coming in the house for breakfast or dinner on a cold winter day.

2. Running with the goats. Every morning we reposition the fainters from their stall to the goat pen while we feed horses. And every morning, no matter what's come the night before, they hit the door with enthusiasm, running full tilt. Anything that can start the day with that much enthusiasm deserves more than a smile and a moment, so Melissa and I run with them. Honest to goodness we do. Every morning God sends. Never fails to make us smile !

3. Feeling warm sunshine and cold wind on my face while working outside on a crisp, clear day.

4. Being able to work really, really hard and not work up a sweat !

I hope you'll add to my list. What makes you happy about winter ?


Kate said...

The sunrises and sunsets, and moon and stars. Great horned owls hooting at night. Hot tea and coffee - and hot running water! Winter food. Snow and snow crystals, and ice fans and frost. The crunch/squeak snow makes under foot when its really cold. Trees in winter - the branches against the sky. Fuzzy horses!

Funder said...

YES to #4 - never overheating!

Wood stoves - the fuss of stacking wood, the art of building a fire, the smell of each piece.

Cold bedrooms.

Lazy evenings - once it gets dark, I can't ride or work outside, so I might as well relax a bit for once.

Kelly said...

A hot bowl of home-made soup after working out in the cold

No ticks in the brush (or on me!)

Clear and dark night skies

Silent nights as the crickets and frogs have gone away

The sweet smell of wood smoke in the air

... but I'm already looking forward to spring.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a winter fan, but I try to remember that every cold dark snowy day is one day closer to spring.

SmartAlex said...

Coming home to candles in the windows

An absolutely still, frozen night with a full moon and Orion shining

Coming inside to a warm kitchen

That lazy falling snow that wanders down as if it were in a snow globe.

Jack Frost. I miss single pane windows.

Jason said...

Laying in a toasty warm bed with a cold nose on a quiet winter morning.

Listening to the beams pop, creek and crack in our old farm house on cold winter nights. The colder it got the more noise the beams would make. At thirty or more below, it was hard to sleep for the racket !

Sylvia said...

A crisp clear night...where the stars are visible in such clarity.

The smell of wood smoke.

Making snowmen.

The way a soft snow makes everthing quiet.

When a warm snow sticks to all the trees.

Ice skating. Sledding.


Anonymous said...

My horse looking like a fuzzy teddy bear since she's a cute little red dun.
~BC's Mom

Jason said...

Twenty five degrees, stiff wind and snowing like crazy ! Blech ! Bring on spring ! LOL !

SmartAlex said...

Happiness in the snow.

Spring will get here, I know it...right now I can't even see as far as the road! And Winter is 8 days away.

Jason said...

Mmmmm. Maybe for diamonds in the snow, clear, crisp nights and candles in the windows I'll change my mind about winter.

I just came in after an hour outside on a crisp, clear 10 degree night with a half moon shining on the snow and I've got to say that being outside on this sort of night conjured up a lot of good old timey memories.

Laura said...

I like soft fluffy snow that is like icing sugar... Don't really like driving in it though!

...Watching my dog spend all of his time outside rolling and rooting around in the snow. I think he likes winter best of all of us at our house!

Could I ask a question? (unrelatd to this post...) Would you have time for a post about what you guys did for the stalls in your new barn? What is the base, do you use rubber matts? How do you keep stalls dry, etc.?? I board my horse and he keeps getting thrush - I'm sure it is due to the state of the stalls...

(sorry for hijacking the happiness post!)