Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly Progress Report

Although it may not look like it, we've made a lot of progress this week and it's a good thing as we are very close to *needing* to move horses down here. This week saw the completion of fencing around the barn, the barn roof as well as window installation and framing. The exterior sheeting on the barn ought to go very quickly this week, as should the addition of a "porch" across the front of the barn. Next comes yet more gravel, followed by finishing the barn interior...once the basics are done I will be working at this by myself after we have horses on premises.

As you can see, I'm still pretty proud of my water line ! :)

Hope everyone enjoys their Labour Day holiday !

View from the southeast...this is what you'll see coming up the laneway.
Water Line = Self Satisfied Grin

View from the rear

View of run in shed with fence.

Another view from the front


Anonymous said...

Looking good! You should be proud of that water line - you earned it!

SmartAlex said...

Oooo pritty new horse fence! I want some!

Jason said...


I have got in plenty of trouble in my life when wide eyed girls (including my current wife) repeated THAT line in my presence! I have so many comeback lines on the tip of my tongue right now, it'd scare you to know ! :)

I'm very glad you survived your riding mishap from late last week. Melissa and I were talking about both versions during chores this morning. We both realize how scary that *could* have been.

SmartAlex said...

Thanks, it actually WAS pretty scary. The only part that didn't hurt was actually hitting the ground. Or maybe it did, and I was unconscious for a moment, but all of the bruises and sore parts seem to be from hanging on and hooves. All that, and I was only walking.

Yesterday I chose to school dressage in the outdoor arena (because that is safe and easy right?) at the same time Step-Dad decided to mow the lawn. Grey had two moments that could have turned into Yee-Ha bolts, but I'm back at the top of my game again. My NEXT horse will be a boring plug. I swear.

P.S. Grey Horse says your fence looks tasty.

Jason said...

We've had the "easy going" vs. hot as a firecracker vs. current human life stage conversation at some length, and thankfully Melissa mostly followed my advice; Sky being the very mellow purchased result of our discussions. Frankly, I still worry when she gets on Bonnie. Bonnie is quiet enough but she's also very intelligent and she tries to behave in ways that are "interesting" more often than she should. She would have been trying to drive the corn chopper, I promise.