Friday, September 10, 2010

The Day Before the First Big Move

Tomorrow, we move our first group of horses to the new farm. To say that we have been busy this week is an understatement. Melissa has been coordinating things at the College Grove farm while I have been in charge of things at the Lynnville farm. At the end of the workday today everything was workably complete at the new place which is going to have to be good enough for now. Although it is reasonably proximate to our current location, our new farm is a few miles farther from the bright city lights than where we are currently. Everybody working with me at the new farm also farms themselves; we're fortunate that they understand what we're trying to do without us having to explain it forty seven times. Special thanks go to Locke Brothers Fencing Co. for putting a hurry up on the fence around the barn and the barn itself and to Foster Garrett and his crew for pulling ALL their trucks away from whatever they were doing to haul crusher run for me today. If there are better or more honest folks than these to work with in northern Giles County, I don't know who they would be. As we have been everywhere we've lived, we are again blessed with good neighbours.

To any of our Lynnville neighbours reading this....I hope the Richland FFA Benefit Truck and Tractor Pull didn't get rained out tonight, and I hope the crowds were big and that everyone enjoyed it ! Given that it was being held in the park downtown, the whole town participated whether they attended or not ! LOL ! Although I find tractor pulls a little noisy for my poor old head, I believe in and support 4-H and FFA where I can. I'm sorry I couldn't be in attendance this year.

View looking toward the barn from the driveway. We're still lacking the porch across the front of the barn, the barn doors, shutters, and, of course, the cupola. :)

View toward the run in shed from the front of the barn. Each pasture has a 16 foot drive through gate and a 4 foot walk-gate with water troughs and a hydrant located between the gate openings. This should make it easy to monitor everything while feeding. We may eventually add a place right at each walk-gate to store blankets and sheets.

We had a FULL crew of guys working today with vehicles, trucks and trailers parked everywhere !

View of the barn area from the rear. That's our neighbour Terry Locke leaning on the railing of the scissor lift. :)


Kate said...

Looking good - good luck with the first move!

Jason said...

Thanks Kate! I hope things are going as well at your place this morning as they are here ! :)

Sylvia said...

Wow! Way to go to everyone involved. That was fast work. It looks great! May the transition be smooth!!

SmartAlex said...

Blanket storage at the gate? Oh no, that is way too efficient. You must stop this common sense stuff now befort it get's out of hand.

Jason said...

According to Melissa, if my head gets any bigger, it isn't going to fit through the door.

SmartAlex; In keeping with typical horse barn "efficiency", maybe instead of putting the blanket storage at the gate, we'll just go ahead and leave the blanket storage for our Lynnville farm right here on our College Grove farm, which is a half an hour away ! :)

In re-reading some of what I wrote last week, I think I underestimated how tired I was when I wrote it. It's amazing what a good night's sleep does to improve one's wit. :)