Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Uneventful Move

Just a quick update for all who asked. The move was the biggest non-event I've ever seen for a large group of horses. It took us a half hour to load everybody on the semi this morning and they spent another half hour enroute. They got off and ran around the new place for about five minutes, then they put their heads down and started to graze. When I left eight hours later, they were STILL grazing ! I'll be surprised if I hear differently before I go down there in the morning.


Kate said...

Good deal! It's nice when things like that go smoothly!

Sylvia said...

uneventful is wonderful!

Jason said...

Uneventful is the best word in the English language ! Unfortunately it wasn't nearly as uneventful for us as it was for them ! I feel like I haven't slept since Friday and I am SO looking forward to bedtime tonight !