Monday, November 8, 2010

Wrench Fetish, Totally Whupped and Tractor Fixes

Betcha I got your attention now ! :)

It's a little known fact, but I have something I need to admit to you all.

I have a wrench fetish, and I'm very sorry about it.

After asking my friends about it, turns out that most farmers have something of a wrench fetish, so I was pretty proud to realize I'm not alone. Farmers need to know how to use a lot of tools, and particularly wrenches.

Speaking of wrenches, my sets got a pretty good working over the weekend. In preparation for cool weather, I changed out all the filters on the big tractor on Saturday morning. Surprisingly, after I changed the fuel filter, I couldn't get the ruddy thing to start again for love nor money. It wasn't clogged and in fact it looked clean; I was only at 67 hours since the last change when I pulled it and I'm usually pretty liberal about changing filters and fluids.

My first thought was fuel pump/injector malfunction, but I find that hard to believe in this case, especially since the tractor had been running perfectly earlier that morning. The next step involved bleeding the fuel system which I did for *6* hours to no avail. Finally, in frustration I took apart the entire system of lines and filters and thoroughly cleaned each individual piece. When I rebuilt it, I bled the system again, used a little Ether to prime the system, and lo and behold the tractor finally started. But only until the fuel in the filter drained out.

After several more fixes, I finally got the thing to run enough to feed hay on Sunday afternoon, but it's still not drawing enough fuel through the system and it is prone to stalling at the drop of a hat. After two weekend days of fiddling with it I think I've earned the right to say I've had about enough of it !

Because we are running two farms and are in the middle of an expansion, I didn't feel guilty about calling my friend Tim the tractor mechanic to come over here and have a look at it. Reckon we'll see what the verdict is tomorrow.

One of these days when I am rich and famous, and/or when I'm smart enough to quit buying farms for awhile, I am GOING to own a bunch of farm equipment I don't have to constantly work on, whether or not it makes complete financial sense to do so.


Funder said...

Haha, this is why I don't even own a wimpy lawn tractor. I would have no idea where to start!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, our tractor is *quite experienced* and my son went over it last weekend only to find big cracks in some vital areas up front. Lots of grinding and welding!

Sylvia said...

I love tractors! One of my fav things to do at fairs, is to look at all the antiques :)

SmartAlex said...

LOL! I read the title as "wench fetish" lolololol.....
There was an old family acquaintence who innocently refered to his winch as a wench and caused may an uproar.

Almost as funny as the day my first husband went to the tractor supply and asked the old guy for "cold sluts". I kept a straight face, and when we got back to the truck I patiently explained that their name actually referred to the fact that you could shut the link without heating it and welding it.

Tim finally finished the fluids and filters on both tractors and the worthless POS zero turn mower. We detailed the mower Sunday, and they are all tucked away except the big tractor who has her tires changed ready for plow duty.

Tim has realised that he should have them on a rotating schedule so he doesn't have to do all three the same year. Duh?

Jason said...

Smart Alex;

Well, I've got one of those too, but we don't talk about it much. :)

I have no trouble imagining the uproar the winch/wench confusion could cause.

"Yah, pulled about 50 foot of cord out of her and wrapped it around a tree. W(i/e)nch don't pull for nothin' anymore; plumb burned her motor out."

And that's only the PRINTABLE version of what went through my head. Ahem.


No need to go to the fair to see antiques in action....just come here ! :)

Sylvia said...

I'll be right over ;) I'll ride there. Lol