Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We sure could use a little good news....

It seems like most people I know, both male and female, seem to be able to tell story after eyebrow raising story about their in-laws. In some cases, their stories are so entertaining that I egg them on whenever possible and I eagerly await the next episode.

Call me lucky, but in my marriage to Melissa I have been blessed with great in-laws, and I include my sister-in-law and her family in my commendations as well as my mother and father-in-law. Of course, a parent's role changes as they and their children age, but one of the things that I admire most about Melissa's parents is that they have never stopped being parents and role models for their children and grandchildren. In their own quiet way, they continue to make a big difference in a variety of ways in the little community where we all live.

Astute "Paradigm Farms" blog readers will notice that over time there have been a fair number of photos of my father-in-law and I working together. Men bond best while working and it's been a treat to get to know him as we've worked through various projects over time. I hold him in high enough regard that I don't feel entirely comfortable calling him by his first name despite the fact that I'm no longer in early adulthood myself. Fortunately, southern grammar provides a remedy for this; one which I employ faithfully. Instead of Tom or Mr. N., I call him Mr. Tom and that suits us both. I do the same thing with my mother-in-law.

After becoming quickly and extremely ill overnight, this morning, Melissa and Mr. Tom carried my mother-in-law to the emergency room where she was quickly admitted to hospital, condition unknown. Melissa and her dad spent most of the day with her while I held the fort here and in Lynnville. Since her condition, whatever it may be, has not yet stabilized or been fully diagnosed, Melissa and her dad are going back to spend the night with her tonight. After a week of dealing with me on semi-bedrest, I think Melissa is about due for a break. It is my sincere hope that things improve for everyone tomorrow, not least for my mother-in-law. As Anne Murray sang a long time ago, we sure could use a little good news, today.

Please keep Melissa and her family in your thoughts and prayers today.

Hope everyone is having an excellent week ! Hopefully I'll be back to dosing everyone with boring, useless factoids, anecdotes and stories again shortly ! :)


Sylvia said...

Thinking of you all, especially melissa's mom. Hope you get some good news very soon.

Jason said...

Thanks Sylvia ! My MIL is in good hands but we all agree that she could stand an advocate while she is in hospital tonight.

The words "normal routine" look pretty amazing to me right now ! :)

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear that - sending good wishes and thoughts to you, Melissa and her family for a quick diagnosis and good recovery.

Sylvia said...

Any news?