Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FDA = No More Rotten Eggs

Remember the huge egg recall that I talked about earlier this summer on this blog ?

Remember I said at the time that this would likely lead to significantly more oversight by some governmental organization ?

Looks like that chicken has come home to roost, no pun intended. The FDA will be the new food regulatory agency of choice, so it seems. Violators will be subjected to a whole host of new and unpleasant punishments, so they say. Reckon we'll see. It seems to me that we have more laws on the books than we can currently enforce as it is. Adding more laws that we aren't going to enforce isn't likely to solve the problem. At least nobody is talking about food irradiation (as I predicted they would), but it's early days yet.

Will the FDA be able to prevent new outbreaks of food borne illness ? Who knows ? I will say that it seems to me that the government is stuck in a very reactive mindset on an issue that requires a proactive approach to actually address the issues at hand. It ought to be interesting to watch it all evolve, that is for sure.

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JoAnna said...

I'm not looking forward to what this is going to do to food prices. There aren't enough inspectors to go around as it is. (Maybe they can retrain some of the TSA gropers?)

Throwing government at things like this never solves the problem. The top-level administrators of these new regulations are "rotten eggs", with their hands in corporate pockets. (I blogged about this, too)

The little guys suffer from the regulations, and get put out of business fighting The Man™. The big guys get slapped on the wrist when they break whatever rules are left after their exemptions and allowances.