Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TV Weather Drama

I don't know when weather forecasts changed in this country. What I mean by that is that when I was a child, weather forecasts (even American ones) didn't seem to be full of the sort of campy high drama one might expect to find on afternoon soap operas. But they sure are in 2010, on every channel you'd care to name, including especially the Weather Channel !

Given the number of clients who called and emailed to check up on our well being this afternoon, I'd say the national weather folk had middle TN in their cross hairs and were probably forecasting imminent death and massive destruction. I know all the local stations were because I was listening to some of them as I drove into Franklin early this afternoon ! While it was plenty entertaining, all the media attention kind of lends itself to more drama than the situation calls for most of the time and certainly more than it called for today.

The problem is that even if you live here and are looking out your window, eventually you begin to believe what you hear over what you see. Even I thought for awhile about heading for home and battening the hatches, but I'm kind of glad I didn't. As is often the case, it wasn't half as bad as all that. It got a bit windy for awhile this morning. Not death and destruction kind of windy, just breezy, like it gets right before a front's going to go through. About noon the wind died down and it rained for an hour, dropping the temperature from 85 to 65. And then the sun came out and it was over with. No lightening. No thunder. And no death and destruction raining down from the sky. Once again, we came through completely unscathed ! But I'm thinkin' that sort of weather non-event doesn't sell many commercials !

Hope everyone else had the same sort of drama free day that existed here in middle TN !


Funder said...

Well, yall in middle TN might be a bit gunshy after the floods earlier this year... Glad it was a nonevent for you!

Anonymous said...

I had my own weather issues to deal with yesterday - howling winds and pouring rain - didn't even think to look at your forecast! Glad all is well.

SmartAlex said...

The weather community is busy trying to predict the Apocolypse. Personally, I'll watch weather drama all day long just to avoid hearing another word about this year's elections.

The wind from the south blew a ton of leaves out of the woods onto the freshly mown lawn. That, in and of itself, created enough drama in my household, thankyouverymuch.

Jason said...

I wonder what the weather folk were saying about us today ?

Oh well, too busy outside enjoying sunny and 83 degrees to really care very much ! :)

Hope Tim gets every one of those errant leaves rounded up !