Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tractor Envy

I've got a confession to make.

I'm not a normal guy.

I never had car envy. Ever. As far as I am concerned a car or truck is four (or more) wheels and a (comfortable) seat. Whether it's a 10 year old rustbucket with 300,000 on the odometer or a brand new megacomfortmobile really doesn't make much difference to me. Even as a I approach the age when a zippy little red sports car is supposed to be in my immediate future....nada...ain't happening.

I've never had tractor envy either. Until today. When one of THESE went by the farm all blinged out like a fancy lady's Christmas tree, and with a front end loader to boot.

Oh, the work I could do with one of these, especially when fully accessorized with appropriately sized implements. With all those lights, I could work all night (Sigh!).

I fear the cabless, practical, economical high hour machines I've favoured my whole life long will never be the same again.

If only I had a hundred thousand spare dollars......


Anonymous said...

My son has tractor envy, but mainly it is cab envy. For some reason we put out round bales on the coldest, winirst day or the week, every week, all winter.

Anonymous said...

OK, that was supposed to be "windiest day of"

Jason said...

Me too ! Actually, I have a tractor that is exactly the same HP as the 6430 that went by, but no cab and no bling.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason
I have that exact 6430 with loader and bling and it is nice. Mine has 2100hrs in two years and is really cool to drive from farm to farm at night with my becon on. Here in Ottawa you can get one for $65,000. That I'm sure is cheaper then that red car!

SmartAlex said...
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SmartAlex said...

Tim has cab envy too! Our neighbor has a Kubota nearly that big for mowing his lawn. Well, actually, its technically a hay field, but he isn't actually a farmer, so I guess it's a lawn. He has two huge wing mowers. He puts in a CD, turns up the AC, and mows.... and his wife can't catch him ;-)

Oh... and I've been known to dress up my tractor with Christmas tree lights. It's a semi-annual event, involving a Swedish holiday brew called Glogg. Tim even got me an inverter for Christmas one year. He did that because the generator dangling from a chain in the front end loader ruined the picture... and drowned out the Christmas music.

blogfourfiveone said...


Jason said...


Yah, here too ! But I couldn't pull my correctly sized but really crummy looking old implements with a fancy new tractor ! ;)

Smart Alex;

A 6430 all blinged out gets my FULL attention in exactly the same way that a pretty lady in a red dress wearing a sign that said, "Been waiting a long time to hand you this cheque for five million dollars" would do.

And the 6430 is maybe somewhat realistic !


There's a few of them around, both in Ontario and down here. I think they do better with sports cars than tractors ! :)

Jason said...

Smart Alex;

Every year the community where I grew up hosts a Farmers Christmas Parade of Lights where EVERYBODY decks out their tractors, wagons, balers and combines. There's usually some grog involved up there, too !