Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poor Melissa

She has had one hell of a week, and it's still got a couple of days to go. So far this week;

1. The truck died on her way home from Lynnville, and she had a heck of a time getting AAA to send her a tow truck, which is ridiculous.

2. We had a lot of drama with a commercial shipper who insisted that we meet him at a truck stop 30 miles away from home to transfer a horse from their trailer to midnight...when the owner had paid for door to door service.

Being married to me is often a trial (and yes, I'm admitting it !), but this week has been particularly so thanks to an ongoing bit of drama with my back that has left me at about 10 % capacity regarding sitting (which you have to do when driving) and walking (necessary when feeding horses). So in addition to everything else, her workload has doubled.

To top it all off, about the time my back went out I seem to have contracted some sort of stomach virus that makes my insides sound like I swallowed a set of drums and which in my enfeebled state means I had better be within eyesight of a toilet.

Blech !

I know factually that it could be plenty worse, but I'm about ready for some better days !


Anonymous said...

Poor Melissa - and it sounds like poor you too! Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

What a miserable circumstance!

It's funny how AAA can be so infuriating. They act like they are sending someone from outer space, need the exact address, the parking lot of (the huge home improvement store) in a small town isn't good enough. Then they were puzzled when I wanted to tell them where in the parking lot I was and what the truck lokks like, becaue there are no cars in that parking lot!

Last time we had a horse delivered here our wacky neighbor called the cops and said we were doing a drug deal!?! Yeah, at 2 AM, with lights blazing, in the darn road, with a truckload of horses whinnying....

Jason said...


I wonder out loud what would happen to someone if they broke down on the interstate in an unfamiliar place. Not only would they not be able to give an address, but they also wouldn't know where they were relative to anything, really.

Anonymous said...

What made it funnier was that my tow truck came from about half a block away.

Jason said...

We had a small brush fire that threatened to get out of control about 20 yeats ago,right when we got 911 service. When I called the new emergency services number, the first thing they asked for was my address which of course I gave them. Unbelieveably, they couldn't find it, so I just told them to relay to the FD to come on out to Webbs and look for the smoke ! :)

Sylvia said...

When it rains it pours, eh?! Feel better soon and tell Melissa she's awesome. (I'm sure you have already!)

Anonymous said...

My truck has a nav unit in it, but it wasn't displaying the name of the road. I knew if I was a few feet farther ahead it would, and when I expressed this (ok, and few other frustrations) to the AAA guy, he actually asked why I didn't just drive ahead. Um, IT WON'T START!

And believe me, they atill haven't worked out the snags in the 911 system around here. If you call them, you need to stand by the road to flag them down!