Sunday, December 4, 2011

All I Want for Christmas

I'm really hoping that Santa was listening when Melissa and I visited the La-z-Boy store up in Cool Springs last night. Every farmer needs a good leather recliner chair to nap in on Sunday afternoon. The model I liked best, the "Dreamweaver" has been forever discontinued and I was sitting in the very last one in the store.

No hints in this post at all.

Nope, nary a one.



Anonymous said...

When do you have time to sit in one . . . ?

Bif said...

I *presume* Melissa reads your blog? Or is this a not so subtle attempt to get your loyal blog followers to somehow coordinate with each other and raise the funds to purchase the last Dreamweaver?

Because that might be a little more organization than I am capable of...

Jason said...

LOL ! I *hope* Melissa reads my blog. I'm really hoping one of Santa's elves or maybe Santa herself..oops..called the La-z-Boy store earlier today and reserved the very last Dreamweaver. However, since I worked with Santa for most of the day I'd say this is unlikely. Stay tuned ! :)

Jason said...
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Anonymous said...


Hubby and I treated ourselves to matching leather La Z Boys this past summer (on our anniversary)and oh, boy!

RuckusButt said...

I have no doubt you deserve any amount of time you can get in a Dreamweaver. I hope Santa comes through for you!

Funder said...

If you're buying the last one, you're in a great position to negotiate for a discount. The only thing better than buying what your True Love really wants, IMO, is buying it at a discount! ;)

Owd Fred said...

Ya not old enough to qualify fa a chair yet Jason, look how long before I got mine.

Now I’ve turned seventy years of age,
the family bought a chair,
I had it for me birthday,
I was consulted and aware,

I must tell you the cover is leather,
cow hide has gone into that,
The cost of it was tremendous,
the cow she must have been fat,

What we paid we got short changed,
insides of the cow had gone,
Price of the chair, price of a cow,
beef and steaks we had none.


Jason said...

Owd Fred, Yer comment and poem made my day !

I'm hoping two score in my world equals three score and ten in yours, and I'll even let the store keep the meat ! :)