Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Stories

In revisiting our married life with some old friends over the weekend I was reminded...several times actually....of various incidents where the situation demanded that I do something, and what I actually did should have wound up in it's own Far Side cartoon. My recent bout with the On/Off switch on the pump is actually just a pretty tame primer. In reviewing the years prior to being married to Melissa, I think I've actually improved with age.

How about the time when I got so enthralled talking to a girl, I leaned back into the sliding glass doors at our neighbourhood Wal-Mart. Except the doors were open at the time. At least the girl (and the twenty or more people entering the store) thought it was funny !

Or another time when I got to talking and put my truck in drive just before rocketing backward with unlikely speed (all the while screaming, "Holy Shit ! in horrified amazement") into a neighbours parked car. This was more than a touch embarrassing because the neighbour was....riding in my passenger seat at the time.

Or applying the parking brake when I parked on a steep hill before exiting the same truck to attend a wedding and witnessing the horrified look on all the folks standing outside the church as I turned around and watched my driverless truck careen across the road through traffic and into a very crooked fence post which erupted in a cloud of steam as it punctured my radiator and stopped the truck. And everyone outside applauded.

Or the time when I was driving down a deserted dirt road and stopped to answer nature's call when from out of nowhere (and in mid stream) a tour bus full of lost leaf peepers pulled up beside me to ask directions while a puddle formed at my feet. I'm thinking the seniors on board got more of a show than they bargained for that day !


Funder said...

It must be love - she married you anyway! ;)

re: leaves - at least it was seniors and not schoolkids.

Jason said...


Anonymous said...

I can really relate. I was so flustered at a property distribution meeting with my ex hubby (and new boyfriend in attendance) that I backed the BF's car into the ex's car. I decided the ex's car had to be moved, so I used the key I still had and moved it, and bashed it into the BF's car.

Have not lived it down yet, and it has been 30 years!