Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ontario Things

One of our employees at the new farm is an Englishman and prior to his most recent trip across the pond he told me he was looking forward to doing "English things". Although Canada is about 98% similar to the US, I understand completely because on my short upcoming jaunt to Ontario to celebrate a big "O" birthday for my mom I am looking forward to doing Canadian things ! Actually, since Canada is such a big place, it'd be more accurate to say I'm looking forward to doing Ontario things ! Given the parties and visitors I already know about, I'd say this list might be a stretch but I am sure going to try to fit some of it in !

1. Coffee Time coffee. Yes, I like Timmie's too, and I promise I'll be visiting more than once (for their donuts if nothing else), but Coffee Time has better coffee, IMO and I'm looking forward to it, as I do on every trip north !

2. Fresh curds made that morning from one of the many local Central Ontario cheese factories. Balderson, Frankford, Empire...don't really care where they come from...they are ALL fantastic.

3. Arrowroot Cookies - Really they aren't for babies ! Or maybe they are ! My mom still buys a box every time she hears I'm coming home. :)

4. Aero Bars - Love the Bubbles !

5. Heinz ketchup made with sugar rather than HFCS !

6. Chips and vinegar from any one the local chip trucks.

7. I am *really* hoping for some Yorkshire Pudding to go with my Sunday roast beef ! Mom this is a BIG HINT if you are reading this right now !

8. Being near water ! If I get a few spare minutes you will find me at one of the Lake Ontario beaches....Newcastle, Pt. Hope or Cobourg are the best ones.... listening to the waves, even if it's cold.

9 Sitting on the porch and watching the Maple Leaf fly out in the yard as it has done for as long as I can remember !

10. Reading the Saturday Star ! Our big newspapers are published on Saturday rather than Sunday and the Saturday Star is a monster that takes hours to get through properly. It's basically Canada's version of the New York Times !


Katy C. said...

Mi-Del makes an arrowroot cookie. I don't know how they compare, but I've seen them carried at Wal-Mart, Publix and Whole Foods (usually where the stores have a small gluten free section). They're in a blue bag and in animal cracker shapes :)

Laura said...

That is a good list of Ontario things! What about a cold Sleeman's (or two?) and some freshly made maple syrup?

We had Yorkshire pudding with dinner last weekend! Very tasty... I miss the big lakes - although the Ottawa river is nice in a pinch. :-)

Jason said...


I defintely need to add your two things to the list ! And maybe add a Ricker's Red for the third thing ! :)

Katy; I am going to check that out ! The Canadian version is made by Christie/Nabisco Canada and they are REALLY good ! I have to hoard my stash if I bring some back with me because some one I know gets into them if she knows where they are !

RuckusButt said...

I agree, a very good list of Ontario things! But Ontario is so diverse, it's hard to capture everything.

Rickard's Red is (has been?) pretty popular here but I much prefer Keith's Red. It isn't an Ontario thing (neither is Rickard's) but it is Canadian and delicious. I do love Sleeman's honey brown and cream ales. Yummy!

Jason said...

If I was coming to Ottawa I'd have to add Beaver Tails to the list but, alas, I guess those'll have to wait for another trip !

Jack said...

When are you coming to Ontario?
I'll buy you a large coffee at Coffee Time!

Jason said...


Flying in to Buffalo 4/28 and out of Buffalo 5/2. If it works out I'd love to have a coffee with you !