Friday, March 23, 2012

First Bloom Dates

If any of my blog followers want to play along with me I am quite interested in knowing when various measures of spring arrive at your house. My dates for Lynnville, TN are in parentheses.

On what date did you notice the first forsythia blooming ? (Feb 2)

How about the first lilac in bloom ? (Mar 3)

How about Daffodils ? (Feb 2)

When did you first mow your grass ? (Mar 1) How long was it at that time ? (cool season 6-12")

How about last frost ?

For the farmers in the audience, when did you start hauling manure (Feb 29)? Seeding small grains or pasture (Mar 2) ? Planting field corn (don't do this any more but noticed corn planters rolling Mar 21)?

If enough of you play along (and feel comfortable sharing your approximate location...southern Vermont, eastern Ontario, Toronto, Ottawa, etc.) this could be fun. Feel free to share any other spring-type information too !


Laura said...

Interesting... i don't keep notes nor am I a farmer, but I'm in Ottawa and I have crocuses blooming this week...crocuses in March in Ottawa? weird...

Bif said...

Uh, you should have asked us in January, so we could track it!

I know the daffodils are at least two weeks early than usual...

Southwest Ohio

Sylvia said...

Was southern VT aimed at me ;-)
Everything is greening up. Saw some daffodils the other day. The bulbs I planted are up...I moved my one flowering plant outside. It's been in the 70's and 80's the past two weeks. weirdassweatherdontlikeit. We're expecing high winds/rain/hard frost this week. Vermont+March=summer weather....very weird. Makes me worry about real summer coming up.
(should I cover my newly sprouted bulbs for the frost prediction?)
My neighbor is spreading shit, btw. And some fields are plowed. Saw the planter go by on Wednesday.


Jack said...

The forsythia in our back yard is showing some bloom today (Mar 25)! We are in town so it is somewhat sheltered but still a month early!
There is a small apple tree on our neighbours lawn that the buds have turned white as of March 24

Jason said...

Jack, both the forsythia and the apple tree in bloom are amazing! It was nearly this late when our forsythia started blooming last spring.

It'll be interesting to see how the buds and blooms fare after tomorrow night's predicted -9C (15F). What stage is the wheat at in Victoria County right now ? Will it get hurt do you think ?


Of course ! :)

Jack said...

The wheat has greened up but not a lot of growth at this point.
If we only get one night of -9C it will likely be OK. There was verylittle winter kill across the province, planting was late and lots of concern over the winter but it looks very good at this point.

Owd Fred said...

Jason in UK there is an old saying that comes into play over here at this time of year
"Oak before the Ash and we will only get a slash" (of rain - dry summer)
And "Ash before the oak and we will get a soak" (-- wet summer)
Up to yet no leaves out on either trees at the moment, we will see in the next few days/weeks

Anonymous said...

hey hick
I will play along from Ottawa. Hauled manure on mar 22. Seeding clover on pastures the last two days(mar 26). By the looks of the forcast I probably will put new seeding in the first of next week. fall wheat looks great. Think I will wait on the corn for a while though. All as you know very early for us


Bif said...

You are under the mistaken impression that your life is your own. We need a fresh post!