Thursday, October 20, 2011


There is a mouse making scratching noises in the wall beside my computer as I type this and the noise is quickly working at fraying my very last nerve. Or maybe it's not a mouse. In the last minute the volume has gone way up. It's almost impossibly loud. Rat, chipmunk, giraffe, camel...dunno, but there's something behind the wallboard and it's not happy, no doubt. Oh well, that makes two of us. I'm completely off track right now. What I'm supposed to be doing is being productive, whatever that means, but the damn scratching noise keeps escalating and it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I can't concentrate a bit.

In the world of distractions, I'm not normally a very distractable person. Melissa jokes that if I'm in the middle of something that has my attention I block everything else out. It's nearly impossible to get me off task until whatever I'm doing is complete.

I have a head that's crammed full of useless information. Among many other things, I can tell you all about leaching tannins from oak bark or planting by the signs, but among the banalities that exist between my ears I've got NOTHING on how to quickly shut these damn rodents up. Oh, don't get me wrong, I've had thoughts on how to get the job done. Lots of them. But as my FB friends have counselled, anything that involves guns and/or matches isn't likely worth the long term consequences.

So here I sit, quietly and benignly frustrated because there's nothing I can do to make it stop short of turning out the light and vacating the room. How long can a rodent scratch ? At least one second longer than I can sit here. See you in the morning, everyone.


Anonymous said...

squirrels? They are noisy and hard to eliminate. Good luck!

SmartAlex said...

I forget who it was, Neighbor Mike, or Hubby Tim, anyway... one of them once stabbed a mouse with a steak knife through the drywall.

Of course, then they had to cut out the drywall, remove the mouse, and patch the wall. But the scratching stopped. I'll have to ask them which genius did it.

Jason said...

What I'm thinking right now is great minds think alike ! I'd probably have a hundred holes in the wall before I got the job done, but it'd be worth all the spackle it'd take to fix the damage if it put an end to the noise ! :)