Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day !

Lucky me, I get to celebrate BOTH ! :)

Although I chafe at our ever increasing levels of taxation and at our respective government's relative moves towards creating a never ending set of gimme's more appropriate to a nanny state than a place that's supposed to be free, I can't really imagine calling anywhere else home.

One of the more curious things about living near the international border is how often you see both the Canadian flag and Old Glory flying together in the front yard of private homes. There are A LOT of people and A LOT of families that call both places home; I and my family are but one among many.

At one time or another, I've enjoyed travelling from one end of Canada to the other and from coast to coast across the United States. I have too many favourite places to even make an attempt at doing them justice by naming them; suffice it to say that both countries are endowed with scenery and beauty beyond anything I've ever seen or heard of anywhere else. In the spirit of friendship, I'd encourage everyone at some point in their lives to spend a little time, "getting to know the neighbours", no matter which side of the line your neighbours live on (or, come to that, how they choose to spell neighbour) ! :)

For those of you reading from north of the line, Happy Canada Day on Friday (!) and for those who choose to partake of my blog from anywhere in the USA, Happy Independence Day on Monday !

Oh......and the most popular Can/Am bi-national tourist destination ? Well, that's easy.

But I think my personal favourite is a couple hundred miles to the northeast. I've *always* been a fan of the Thousand Islands. (Photo courtesy Wikimedia)

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