Monday, March 21, 2011

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Except in this case I wonder if I asked for a little too much in the way of age and looks from my new lawnmower !

It's sure not very pretty but little Kubota diesels are notoriously hard to kill and it seems to run like a top. As an additional perk it was less money than the crappy new finds at HD and Lowes so I guess we'll see ! It's either a diamond in the rough or it's just rough but either way there's a lot of potential for future blog post material I'd say. Barring incident or injury it'll be coming home with me in the next couple of days and the very first thing on my agenda is a full service. I'm pretty sure Melissa is embarrassed to be married to me right now....not the first time on that front, either ! :)

1 comment:

Funder said...

ROFL! I've seen worse tractors, and I'm sure you'll get it looking presentable again.