Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Farm Progress Update

For those that don't like to read my diatribes, this post is for you. ! Thanks to some incredibly long days the pictures below show where we stand regarding construction at the new farm as of noon today. I know factually that the barn sits in 94o feet from the water tap at the road. I know this because I had three 20 foot pieces of pipe left over when I was done plumbing it (very late yesterday evening). I was very concerned that I wasn't going to make it before it either got too dark to see or I got very, very wet, or both ! Fortunately, the plumbing got done sans moisture although there was no daylight left when I finished up. Now let's hope it doesn't leak when the county turns on the water tap Monday. :)

The barn is 36x48 with a 12 foot overhang. This is sized intentionally small as it will only service the paddocks immediately surrounding it. When this fenced pasture is fully built out there will be two more run in sheds around the barn with each run-in surrounded by small wet weather paddocks. This design is horse friendly and farm friendly but it is also labour friendly, and honestly labour savings was the primary motivator in structuring the layout this way. Because the property is long and relatively narrow, we plan on having three or more of these barns surrounded by paddocks along it's length.

Where I am driving will be a laneway as of Monday. We got our first load of 3/4 driveway stone on Friday and we've got a whole bunch more loads of pit run and stone scheduled for delivery. To the right of the laneway will be a couple of single horse dry lots and several small turnout paddocks for those boarders that choose stall board for their horse. Of course I am biased but I think it will be a pretty and very functional farm when it is fully built out.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend.

This is looking toward the road from near the rear of the fenced section of the farm.

I realize everything looks like a cluttered up mess right now. Between our stock trailer, tractors and our barn builder's stuff we ought to open our very own used and salvage facility. Please imagine it minus the junk ! There will also be a 10 foot wide covered porch across most of the front of the barn at the same height as the overhang. The plan is to have ceiling fans and benches installed for us and our guests to enjoy on hot summer days.


Anonymous said...

Good progress, and it looks like it's going to be very fine when finished!

Jason said...

Thanks Kate !

There will, of course, be a cupola on the barn when it is completed !