Monday, July 12, 2010

Where I grew up....

The little general store in the village, loafer's bench removed for winter, 1987.

When I say I grew up the old way, I meant it. This acre and a half was (and remains) our garden spot. Notice the rows of garlic mulched with straw. This became a hobby for one of my uncles during his retirement. Photo taken Nov 1999.

The view from the top of the hill at "Grandpa's", a 50 acre piece of pasture kitty corner to our homeplace. That is Lake Ontario in the far distance. We farmed most of what you see in the near distance. Photo taken fall 1990.

Our homeplace, Christmas morning, 1994. The house dates from 1869 and is the second dwelling on the farm, built by my great-great-great grandfather's sister.

Showing cattle, Durham East 4-H Show, Blackstock Fair, 1985. I'm the guy in the jean jacket, in fourth place when the photo was taken.


Sylvia said...

nice old photos. thanks for sharing!

blogfourfiveone said...

That house looks almost exactly like a house that family friends of mine just moved into near durham, ontario. There must be dozens and dozens of them around, but its funny that they are so similar!